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Primer’s browser tab notification UI got me to opt in

If I had a list of top ten blogs for startup entrepreneurs, First Round Review would be near the top. They caught my eye with an article on designing mobile apps for explosive growth featuring Kamo AsatryanOf course I had to check out his latest project so I navigate over to http://goprimer.com

I’m met with a…



Here’s a closer look at the tab:


First of all, I was so impressed by this conversion tactic that I immediately went back to the page and signed up. Sure, I probably would have signed up anyway given the fact that I help startups build apps for a living. But maybe not? It’s certainly not uncommon for me to just kill every tab for sake of killing tabs. This little UI feature reminded me that this tab is important.

Now, I’m on Primer’s wait list and I sent the product to several of my colleagues. All because of a red dot on a browser tab.

Good job Primer 😀