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It’s *really* easy to make some extra Bitcoin on NiceHash

Yesterday, in a matter of minutes. I spun up a NiceHash on my Nvidia 1080.

This morning I woke up, and as I was going about my morning routine I looked at my return. I made .000016916BTC!

Wow. So cool. Much excitement.

Basically, what NiceHash does, is sell your computing power on a market place.

You download their client from their website (https://www.nicehash.com/).

Then you put in a Bitcoin wallet to receive payments. And voila, NiceHash will begin using your computing power to mine cryptocurrency.

The way that it works is fascinating.

Computation “buyers” go to Nicehash and pay them to mine various currencies. They’re billing themselves as “honest cloud mining”.

I get that some people don’t like cloud mining. I haven’t yet developed a strong opinion on it. Maybe someone can convince me.

I’m going to let the client run for a while and earn me a few extra shekels.

Let’s see where this baby goes.