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Our new podcast interrogates hackers, marketers, and technologists on the cutting edge to dissect the systems and strategies they’re using to win in their field.

I’d like to share a story with you.

It was a cold day in January. I was gathering wood in the forest by my farm when I received a phone call. It was my close friend and former colleague, Michael Alexis.

I was in the midst of transition. A few months earlier I had left my cushy tech job in Boston to travel the world. After Oktoberfest in Germany, visiting the Sforza in Milan, and beaches from the South of France to the Cayman Islands, I returned to my home in Maryland. It was time for the next chapter of my life.

As I write this, I’m living in a small cottage on a farm in rural Maryland. I chop wood every day to stay warm and make bone broth over the fire. It is a simple life.

Michael was aware of my transition and was calling to offer a suggestion:

“You should start a podcast.”

“Ok, sounds interesting Michael. Why?”

He explained to me his reasoning:

  1. You’ll get to learn and share strategies and tactics from brilliant people throughout our community,
  2. you’ll develop relationships with those people, and…
  3. you’ll improve in the art of conversation (if you take it seriously).

I was intrigued.

Podcasting has become a popular marketing outlet for creative people in all manner of industries. I am not one to follow trends, but Michael had struck a chord with three of my prime directives: Learn, Connect, and Create.

Michael is notoriously persuasive. Fortunately he only uses his powers for good.

I immediately set about researching and scheduling interviews. Within two weeks I had recorded my first episode with Michael and had another five interviews scheduled.

Now, as I write this, we are launching the first series of interviews to the world.

You can find them below:

Episode List

Michael Alexis: International Investor and Philanthropist on Growth Hacking, Mastering Craigslist, and Surviving Chinese Parasites (e001)

Jesse Anderson: Mr. Big Data on Data Engineering, Creativity, and Nontraditional education (e002)

Stan Dutton: How to Break World Records, Get Fit, and Build Communities (e003)

Nari Savanorke-Joyce: Zen and the Art of Data Science (e004)

Andrew Dodson: How to build a Nuclear Power Plant in your Backyard (Make America Nuclear Again)(e005)

Diana Yuan, COO of Indico: Founding a High Tech Startup, Raising Money, and Courting Technical Partners

Life at the Bleeding Edge of Technology (AI) and Education (MIT + Nuvu) with David Wang

Naf Visser: Kindness, The Art of No Thought, and Photography

Peter Dunbar: B2B Sales and the Art of Conversation

Industrial Design, Manufacturing Barbells, and B2B Sales with Chris Michaud

Caricature Artist Julia Kelly on Art, Business, and Bookkeeping (e011)

Johnny Boursiquot on building a software agency from scratch, learning Go for Rubyists, and server-less software architectures.

Matt Javitch on Networking in Boston and the Mathematics of Real Estate Investing

Optimizing the Human Experience with Chris Schelzi