ONE CAL 2017

I’ve spent years studying behavior modification for work and for pleasure. My studies have lead me to believe that measuring and monitoring behavior is the first step to managing it.

This is why I made the 2017 ONE CAL.

There is an urban legend that Jerry Seinfeld would  mark off every day on the calendar that he wrote a joke. The satisfaction of a month of marked days was compelling enough to propel him to the heights of his profession. I decided to extend this concept for my own use in the coming year and give the finished product away.

The ONE CAL shows the whole year on one page. This allows you to get an eagle’s-eye view of the year without the cognitive distortion caused by separating our time into months (which are arbitrary anyway).

UPDATE: Many of you have asked for the PDF of the new version. I’m really surprised and appreciative of the enthusiasm over the design.

You don’t have to waste your own time printing the calendar.

Just click here to order a 36″ x 48″ print directly from me.

Otherwise, here’s your free PDF (of the new version).

Just click below to receive the 36″ x 48″ PDF.

Click Here to download the 2017 ONE CAL Habit Calendar