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My Dad is Not Happy and Things I Need to Do

I just spoke to my father. I told him I was going to Munich in 12 days.

He had some concerns.

  1. It’s smarter to come home and “build a foundation”.
  2. Why don’t I make a stream of passive income?
  3. Racial discrimination against brown people in Europe.
  4. Violence in Europe.
  5. How I will feel comparing myself to my brothers and cousins in 10 years.
  6. Fear that I will regret my decision later in life.
  7. I never finish anything.
  8. How will potential employers view my decision?

There were several more that I can’t remember at the moment.

I think he might have been hurt that I didn’t consult him further on the matter.

I regret any negative impact I have on him and my family due to my decisions. It is all to my shame.

Still: I have to do what I’m called to do.

I haven’t told my mom. She was busy when I called. I think she’ll understand why I have to do this now.

I have to do this now because I can’t say no to an opportunity to accomplish my dreams.

I’ve been dreaming of a world tour for at least ten years now. I have the time, money and skills to do it. You only live once and you can die anywhere. You can die at any moment doing anything and all of your hopes and dreams and bucket list items that you were saving for the end are snuffed out like a candle in the wind.

That won’t be me.

I still have much to do. I have to give away, throw away, sell, or store a lot of unnecessary books, clothes, documents, linens, artwork, gadgets, pencils, envelopes, and stuff.

I have a small (but growing) bedtime snack company to automate.

I have chores to get covered, rent to pay, companies and people to notify of plans.

I have reference letters to write. I have a coding habit to maintain. I have my excitement to contain.

I have an aquaponics aquarium/garden set to sell.

I should probably just make a checklist.

The Plan: From Boston to Oslo to Munich

You’re here because you’ve heard about my crazy plan.

You’re here because earlier today I left my cushy tech job and bought a ticket to Munich, Germany.

You’re here because you want to find out what happens next.

I can’t tell you that next. But I can tell you the plan so far:

I’ve got a one-way ticket to Munich that departs on September 12th, 2016. I have a 24-hour layover in Oslo. I got the ticket for $238 from Kiwi.

I land in Munich on September 14th.

For accommodations I’ve reserved a camp ground at The Tent. They charge 15.00 € per night. That’s a bit under $17 / night. I’ve reserved the space from September 14 to October 4th. My twenty nights should run less than $340

Oktoberfest runs from September 17 to October 3rd. I don’t have the cash or the liver to hang the whole time. Basically, it’s two weeks of beer. Usually, I don’t even drink beer, but I’ll make an exception for this.

Here’s the plan once I’ve arrived:

Sep 14, 15, 16 – Get settled in. Explore the city. Work out of cafés at least 3 hours every day.

Sep 17 – Celebrate Oktoberfest until further notice.

I haven’t planned beyond September 17. My goal for this trip is to have no goals. Only systems.

Here are the rules of the system so far:

  1. Meet beautiful people and spread love.
  2. Spend no more than $500 per month on room and board.
  3. Spend 3 hours every weekday building something.
  4. Spend 1 hour every weekday selling something.
  5. Spend half the weekend reading.
  6. Spend half the weekend writing.
  7. Sleep as much as I feel like.
  8. Eat right at least 80% of meals.
  9. Move. A lot.
  10. Learn the language of the place I’m in.

My good friend Lucas lives in Bremen about 7 hours away from Munich by car. Perhaps I will visit him after Oktoberfest.

Or perhaps he will visit me.

Comment below with where you think I should go after Munich.