Monthly Archives: January 2015

Good Habits: Making Your Bed


Honestly, this is one I’m horrible at. I want to write about it today because I just picked it up and a particular effect is stuck in my mind.

This morning, somewhat accidentally, I made my bed. I don’t normally make my bed. It is not a habit I was actively trying to build. I just did it.

It didn’t interrupt my morning routine. I did my morning pages and had my green tea. I’ve been intermittently fasting, so there was no breakfast.

After my tea, I made my bed. I didn’t try too hard. I just threw it together. It took all of fifteen seconds.

Now, it’s 4:45 pm. I just returned from work and was pleasantly surprised by my made bed. I didn’t expect my bed to be made. It normally isn’t. But today it was. Like I left it in someone else’s hands.

I recently got out of a relationship that involved loving acts like making the bed. Maybe I took it for granted. Today, I had the experience of giving that act of love to myself.

Maybe we have to know how to really love ourselves before we can know how to love others. Somehow this tiny step is going to change my life. Love yourself now, right in this moment. And love yourself in the future.

Think about the habits you do in the morning as little gifts you give to yourself later in the day. If you write in the morning, your afternoon-writer feels good about himself. If you code in morning, your afternoon-coder feels good about himself.

If you make your bed in the morning, your tired and willpower-depleted self will feel a little loved at the end of a hard day.

That’s a good thing. That’s a good habit.