Monthly Archives: October 2013

Back to School, To prove to my dad that I’m not a fool.

Billy Madison quotes aside.

I have been accepted into Boston’s most prestigious web developer boot camp: Launch Academy. I will be spending most of November, December, and January in Boston (home of New York’s most bitter rivals who shall remain unnamed) learning the ins, outs, and upside-downs of web technology.

In preparation for this little trip, I’ve been practicing my coding full-time. I was accepted in the Winter cohort a bit late so I had a bit of catch-up to do. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  1. Read and worked through most of the exercises in Chris PinesĀ Learn to Program.
  2. Plowed through Treehouse‘s “Deep Dives” on HTML and CSS.
  3. Very much enjoyed the Git Immersion tutorial.
  4. Did not very much enjoy Git Learning’s screen casts. They move way too fast and don’t have any notes!
  5. GitRef on the other hand, proved to be an excellent and easy-to-use resource.
  6. Treehouse’s intro to Databases

That’s just what I’ve been prescribed. In addition to those activities I’ve…

  1. Destroyed One Month Rails. Props to Mattan and Nick, those guys do a terrific job. Definitely worth the modest investment.
  2. Enjoyed a ton of Codecademy lessons from HTML to jQuery to Ruby. I love Codeacademy for getting me started but have been frustrated by bugs on their site many times.
  3. Done a bit of Ruby Monk and am intent on visiting their offices when I finally check out Bangalore.
  4. Have been stymied by Michael Hartl’s (exhaustive) Rails tutorial. One chapter at a time, one chapter at a time…

The purpose of this experience is to give me the tools and skills I need to build spectacular applications for musicians and hip hop artists. Maybe I’ll devise some brilliant idea to change our bad-joke of a political system while I’m at it. Who know’s? The sky is no limit when multiple people have made it to the moon.

For the duration of my stay in Boston (beginning November 8th) I will be keeping record of my studies via this blog. So follow along and enjoy!