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Justus: That long-awaited ‘first post’ a.k.a. my personal mission statement

English Soliders During British Raj

(Not sure where I got this picture of two faceless British soliders during the English occupation of India. However, something about it speaks to my sense of accountability. If anyone knows the source please leave a link in the comments.)

I’m not gonna waste your time today. I’ve been meaning to postĀ somethingĀ on this blog for months and (the late) Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is the book that inspired me to act. Covey recommends drafting a personal mission statement, so I have done so. This statement may be amended over the course of my life but as of now it is an accurate portrayal of my goals and motivations in life…

I want to serve the people with honor, integrity, respect, sacrifice, and humility; and in doing so I want to lead them to freedom, prosperity, and peace.

I want to wake up every morning and work hard to achieve my ambitions while inspiring others to do the same.

I want to create art regularly and spread the love of art to others.

I want to be remembered by my family and friends as loving, wise, and benevolent.

I want to maintain habits that will be conducive to peak performance, longevity, and amiability.

And that’s it! Short, simple, and easy to memorize. Certainly I will amend my mission statement as I grow, but I have felt this way for a long time so any changes will be made only after great pre-meditation.

I encourage you all to post links to your own personal mission statements, if you’re comfortable sharing.

I think this is a good way to lay all my cards on the table. If you decide to follow this blog, you will certainly get to know Justus: The Artist, Justus: The Entrepreneur, and Justus: The Friend.

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